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Convicted killer Hugo Selenski's attempt to get a new trial for a 2003 home invasion robbery in Monroe County gained momentum Wednesday as the state Superior Court sent the case back to the county court level. Selenski's appealed his conviction on multiple grounds, but appeals courts have dismissed all appeals except for his claim he was improperly denied the chance to call an expert on human memory.

Before Monroe County was formed in 1815, the first permanent settlement was recorded in 1790 by Philip and Ruth Dickerson Witten, who started a family farm. "The site in Monroe County...was chosen by Philip Witten after a boat trip down the Ohio River," said Janet Witten Conn, a descendant of Witten.

Ottawa County voters overwhelmingly approved a five-year millage request to support senior citizens' services, one of numerous tax proposals voters in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan decided in Tuesday's election. The millage includes a 0.3-mill renewal and a 0.2-mill increase to raise about $780,000 a year.

The teenage boy spotted a U.S. military vehicle creeping slowly up the farm's driveway and minutes later saw his dad dart for the cornfields, as if trying to outrun the news. Even at 14, Roger Schnegg knew in an instant what that surreal scene meant: He had lost his older brother in the Vietnam War.